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The Pumpkin Patch September 30, 2007

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Fall is my favorite seasons of the year! I love pumpkins, mums, colorful leaves, scarecrows, and the changing scenery. Every year my husband and I go to the pumpkin patch Green Acres in Milan, TN where we get our yearly selection of fall goodies. I am so excited because there is such an abundance of pumpkins and gourds to choose from. Today, we picked out some interesting goodies. Once I got home, I created my outdoor decor!

boy scarecrow girl scarecrowhouse


Writing Conferences September 26, 2007

clownIt’s that time of the  year when I start conferencing with my students on their writing. So far my students have been drafting their personal narratives. Of course the next step is to have a teacher conference. Yesterday and today, I spent time conferring with students. I use the system of taking a number and waiting your turn. Sometimes I go to the students and sometimes they come to me. When they wait, they are to work on writing of choice, read a book, or work on some other assignment.  This doesn’t always work because my attention is focused with the conferring student wherever I am in the room. The class catches on to this and notice that I am not paying attention to them, so I have a little clowning around. What can I do to make this more successful? Any suggestions would be helpful.


Teachers must Write too September 24, 2007

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writeI am a firm believer that teachers need to write along with their students. YES, it’s easy to sit behind your desk and grade papers or play solitaire instead of actually write. Writing is hard for everyone, especially students. It takes practice. When teachers write in front of their students, they demonstrate that writing is hard for everyone. It shows them that you are human. Modeling writing also makes your students aware of thought processes and that authors actually do the same thing. In order for anyone to get better at writing, they need to write daily–even teachers. The article “Becoming Your Own Expert” has a lot to say about teachers writing themselves. Please take a look at it.


Thoughtful Responses September 17, 2007

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helpingToday I graded some of the 6th graders’ response logs and I was impressed on how well they responded. I have never had that happen before. Why? Because in the past, I never modeled to my students on how to correctly write a response. In order for teachers to get a great response, they have to MODEL! I will attest to that!!!


Parents Helping Their Children September 15, 2007

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We as teachers need parent support and sometimes we don’t know how to tell them that we need their support with helping their children. I found this cool site that offers TIPS for parents on helping their children with their homework. Another site offers suggestions on how to help their child through early adolescence.  Also check out this site on FREE Teacher Resources.


More on Response Logs September 12, 2007

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bookToday I had my students read a story in their reading books “Teammates” about Jackie Robinson and Pee Wee Reese. While they were reading, they were to come up with 5 sticky notes (post it notes) that demonstrate strategic thinking. Yesterday they learned how to write a correctly written sticky. Everything was going fine today until I spotted a student looking around and thinking real hard. You could tell he was thinking really hard because his eyebrows were wrinkled and he had a look of concentration. It wasn’t until 10 minutes later that I realized what he was doing. He was trying to come up with previous knowledge about Jackie Robinson without reading the story. I had to go to his desk to redirect him to read the story and while reading come up with a sticky note. What did he do? You guessed it…he continued to do what he had been doing before. He didn’t want to read. Well, I guess that will be a battle for another day.


We Remember… September 11, 2007

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Today is the anniversary of that dreadful day of 2001. In honor of our soldiers, friends, & families who were affect by 9/11, our school said the pledge, sang “God Bless America”, and PRAYED for all of those individuals who lost their lives and who were affected by that dreadful day. I know it’s not much, but it is something…