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Thoughtful Responses September 17, 2007

Filed under: reading activities,reading and writing,response logs,thoughts — hey2blondie @ 7:47 pm

helpingToday I graded some of the 6th graders’ response logs and I was impressed on how well they responded. I have never had that happen before. Why? Because in the past, I never modeled to my students on how to correctly write a response. In order for teachers to get a great response, they have to MODEL! I will attest to that!!!


3 Responses to “Thoughtful Responses”

  1. teacher4life Says:

    I second that! Glad all is goin well.

  2. barclaygp Says:

    You’re right about modeling. I have started using some of the quotes from the file on the tappedin page as a beginning activity. At first my students gave vague, superficial responses, but when I started talking about what I thought the quotes were saying or how they made me feel, I got much better responses from my students.

  3. Dee Says:

    Do you have a model of a good response?

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