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More on Response Logs September 12, 2007

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bookToday I had my students read a story in their reading books “Teammates” about Jackie Robinson and Pee Wee Reese. While they were reading, they were to come up with 5 sticky notes (post it notes) that demonstrate strategic thinking. Yesterday they learned how to write a correctly written sticky. Everything was going fine today until I spotted a student looking around and thinking real hard. You could tell he was thinking really hard because his eyebrows were wrinkled and he had a look of concentration. It wasn’t until 10 minutes later that I realized what he was doing. He was trying to come up with previous knowledge about Jackie Robinson without reading the story. I had to go to his desk to redirect him to read the story and while reading come up with a sticky note. What did he do? You guessed it…he continued to do what he had been doing before. He didn’t want to read. Well, I guess that will be a battle for another day.


3 Responses to “More on Response Logs”

  1. Stacey Says:

    I just received Linda Reif’s book on the Writer’s and Reader’s Notebook. I think you should take a look at it. (From Heinemann.)

  2. aredden Says:

    When you asked him why he was thinking so hard, what was his response?

  3. hey2blondie Says:

    His response was I can’t remember anything about Jackie Robinson and my response was “have you read the story?” His reply was of course “No”. I went on to say you have to read the story in order to get your 5 sticky notes. He huffed and puffed and said ok. He still didn’t read. I sent the tape home with him so he could listen and follow a long with it. His dad sent a note saying he read and listened to the tape. He came to us with an IEP and of course he doesn’t like to read because he has trouble.

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