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Slice of Life Story Challenge February 28, 2011

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Tomorrow I am introducing the slice of life story challenge. I made a sheet on what, why, and how solsc works. I even made a power point presentation with several of my examples on it. My hope is that my students will enjoy solsc as much as me. I am going to have them glue their sheet into their writer’s notebooks so that they have it to refer back to. I think I am going to have a pizza party for all of those students who write 31 entries to celebrate their slices. I did this in 2008 and it was a hit. I may even have a writing reward too.I can’t wait!



Chuck E Cheese’s February 27, 2011

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Tonight my family and I went to Chuck E Cheese’s to get out of the rain and have some fun. It wasn’t like when I was a kid, but my daughter had just as much fun. It took me back to the days when I loved to play ski ball. I spent most of my time playing ski ball and earning tickets. Deep inside I felt like a kid again. I also enjoyed watching my daughter play on the rides. I loved seeing her face light up with joy when she was on the rides. The best part of the night was that as a family we enjoyed each other.


Digital Storytelling February 26, 2011

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Today I taught a young writer’s clubhouse, which is where writing project teachers teach a writing workshop based on a theme. The theme today was digital storytelling. I taught the students how to make a picture book type story using power point and this cool website called Little Bird Tales. This site allows the author to either draw or upload photos to their stories. Authors also have the option of having a private or public story and the opportunity to share it by emailing their contacts.

We started the day by analyzing picture books. We looked at the layouts, characters, pictures, and wording. We also discussed the audience and why we really need to think about our audience when creating a digital story. Since most of the students didn’t know what digital storytelling was, I had them peruse through examples on-line using Reading at pppst.  The students then brainstormed a list of topics that they could do a story on. Several students changed their topics many times. I loved seeing their processing. After the students decided on a topic, I had them storyboard their story so that they had a plan.

The students were eager to start their stories digitally, but I had to convince them that it was best to plan their story first. Once they planned their story, I taught them how to use insert sound, clip art, and how to move their pictures. Then they were off! They didn’t want to stop when it was time to wrap up.

There is so much that your students can do with digital storytelling. Their stories can be as simple or high tech as they want them to be.



Big Bunko!

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Every month I have the opportunity to socialize with my teacher friends. This event is sacred. I can always tell when I am in need of a bunko fix. My mind and soul twitches with the urge to be with people – to get away from the hustle and bustle of school and family life. Tonight I got my bunko fix. I laughed so hard my side hurt. If felt good to smile and not worry about anything. The crazy thing is that this is the first time we have played since probably last September. Lately we’ve just gotten together, which is even better than playing. Tonight was a rare occasion. All eight players rolled a big bunko tonight. A big bunko is when a player rolls three sixes at one time. Never in the history of my bunko playing have I had this happen. It felt exhilarating to scream “BIG BUNKO!” at the top of my lungs like I accomplished something so hard to comprehend yet so easy to do. The other crazy thing that happened tonight was that another player and I had simultaneous big bunkos. Crazy! I can’t wait until our next social gathering.


As the Sirens Blare February 24, 2011

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As the sirens blare I drive down the bypass wondering if Kroger will be open. I decide that I will attempt to purchase the one ingredient needed for our dinner recipe. I pull into a parking spot and notice people entering the rather large building. Their faces didn’t sense urgency to get home. They seem to be going their merry ways. I enter Kroger and notice that I could not hear the sirens. I begin to wonder if the employees and customers know we are in a tornado warning. Beep, beep, beep is all I hear as I select the Parmesan cheese from the shelf. I too didn’t sense the urgency of the sirens. Is it because I am immune to them or is it because I really wasn’t worried?


To My Loving Husband February 14, 2011

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To My Loving Husband

Words cannot express
The love I have for you
I must confess
That I don’t always appreciate all you do
I’m very fortunate to have a husband like you
My thank you is so much past due
I couldn’t ask for a better father
To EmmaBeth our daughter
You support me all the way
Even when I give you dismay
We have a wonderful connection
That doesn’t need perfection
My days are sunny
When I have you, my bunny

Happy Valentine’s Day
Love, Andi


Today You Turn Two February 8, 2011

This poem is dedicated to my daughter, EB. She was born February 8, 2009.

by Andi N.


Today you turn two

Good for you

Sad for me

Oh, how I love you EB

Time ticks away

I wish you could stay

This way

Giggles and smiles

Frustrations and trials

The adventure starts

Where we both do our parts

Of living, loving, and learning

Today you turn two

Good For you

Sad for me

Oh, how I love you EB