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Under My Belt October 18, 2011

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Tomorrow I will be observed by my principal. I am not nervous, but I do wonder if I should be. I have been teaching for so long that observations come naturally to me. I can remember my palms sweating, heart pounding, and loss of sleep the night before my observation. I can say that I have grown as an educator. I do like to be observed so I know what I need to improve upon.

I know one thing I need to improve upon ~ consistency with discipline. It is so hard to be consistent. I have been better this year. Maybe because of the new grade or maybe because I am more sure of myself. Whatever it is, I still need help. Tomorrow class will probably go smoothly and I will receive high marks on my observation, but the part that my principal doesn’t see is the days Johnny Boy misbehaves. Tomorrow he’ll be an angel.

I guess I can say I have my lessons under my belt, but I sure do need help with that area of discipline. I wish it were a perfect world in a perfect schoolhouse, but it’s not. I have to live and learn from my mistakes even when the principal is not around.


Writing Club Agenda October 17, 2011

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I’m so excited about my very first club meeting this Wednesday. Since we are only meeting once this month, I’ve decided to do Halloween themed writing. Here’s what I’ve come up with. We only have an hour so I hope we get to finish.

3:30 – Warm-up activity – “Monster” Exchange –  Each child designs a “monster” (no blood, violence, etc. of course) and writes a careful description. They keep this secret . Then they give their writing piece to a partner ( who hasn’t seen their drawing) and the partner tries to draw it from the description. You hang them up with the writing in the middle and with both illustrations on either side. The kids really get how critical descriptive detail is!

3:45-4:15 – Halloween sensory list and ghost story activity – I haven’t decided yet how I will go about the ghost story. I may find one and read it to them first. Then have them use their sensory list to create a ghost story. I am welcome to ideas.

4:15 – share time


The End of the Quarter October 14, 2011

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The end of the quarter

Seems to creep up

On me and my students

What can I do to get my grade up?

Do your assignments when they are due

Can I get extra credit?

Um, let me think about it?

Can I?

Um, no…



The end of the quarter

Seems to creep up

On me and my students

May I take an AR test?

Not if it is The Berenstain Bears and Too Much Junk Food


You’re a fifth grader.

It’s a fourth grade level.

Why have you waited until today to take a test?

The end of the quarter

Seems to creep up

On me and my students


Papers everywhere

Grades here and there

Comments and conduct

I wish you all good luck


Writing Club Interest Meeting October 7, 2011

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This past Wednesday I had my Spilling Ink Writer’s Club interest meeting. 21 students signed up and 17 attended the meeting. I was thrilled. At the meeting I passed out permission forms and a quick interest survey. I wanted to see why they attended and the types of topics they wanted to write. We wrote as well. The students seemed to enjoy it.

What makes me the happiest is one of my struggling students signed up and attended the meeting. He wrote and shared. That just warmed my heart. I know this club will be beneficial to him in so many ways – socially, academically, and mentally.

Our next meeting is Oct. 19 and I can’t wait. My plans are to do Halloween themed writing. Any suggestions?