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Discombobulated January 3, 2011

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Before Christmas break, I had planned my lessons and prepared my students’ assignments. I put together supplies for my new student that was to be coming in. I also knew I was to be a cooperating teacher for a student teacher. I left school and didn’t look back until this morning at 7:30. All day I felt out of place even though I had planned. I guess that’s what happens when your brain and body go into vacation mode. Below is an etheree of my feelings of today:


Discombobulated an etheree



Teachers get

After a break

Nothing goes as planned

Children are not concerned

Lots of catching up to do

Smile, might as well be flexible

Once Monday has passed, you won’t feel

Discombobulated for a while


By Andi N.



A Celebration: An etheree August 12, 2010

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Today was my first day of school for the school year of 2010-2011. I decided to write a poem about today.


New school

Year has launched


Throughout each hallway

Teenagers happily chat

On the latest news today

Teachers welcome them lovingly

In hopes of a successful school year

Tomorrow awaits a new beginning

By Andi


Dog Days June 10, 2008

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Days of

My summer

Slowly evolve

With lazy escapes

Under the sunny skies

Sun-kissed skin glistening bright

Afternoons quickly rush evenings

Of buzzing, chirping, and nightly sounds

Bringing contentment close to you daily


I wrote this etheree today at our annual writing marathon for The West Tennessee Writing Project. It was fun getting into groups and writing. I got to meet new people and it was invigoratingto my writing needs. I just love writing etherees because they force you to use good, concise words. They also make you edit and revise. I think students writing etherees would be a good first step to editing and revising their work because they have to choose what works best for them. My first draft of this poem wasn’t perfect the first time writing it. If my scanner was working, I would show you my revisions. I plan on doing more modeling of revision and editing for my students.


Stay A While February 17, 2008

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It’s amazing how one day the weather is freezing cold and the next day it’s beautiful. I wrote an etheree about spring. See Ruth’s entry and Stephanie’s entry.


is in

the air now

but not for long

tulip leaves emerge

birds chirping songs of love

people walking their furry friends

trees swaying in the breezy wind

the sun and clouds dance across the sky

don’t you wish spring is here to stay a while?