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Teacher and Peer Conferences September 30, 2011

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I have to admit that I struggle with teacher conferences and peer conferences are another story. I like to do them, but sometimes I feel that I am not benefiting my students. Since now I am in 5th grade I have come to realize that I must model more often so the students can see what they are “supposed” to do. I decided to come up with a very short power point on peer conferencing. I found a video clip on unitedstreaming.com of two boys conferencing. I showed it to my students and the magic happened when it was time for my students to conference with a peer.

Before the students conferenced, I gave them a writer’s checklist for conferencing that I found on the internet. I found the perfect checklist for my students and myself. Check it out! What I loved about this checklist is that it had a place for the student to write down if they wanted a teacher conference and what 2 specific things they wanted me to look at.

Every year I have students say, “read this.” I hated that. With this form I had successful teacher conferences. Also there are other forms you can use to help with the teacher conference.

I look forward to reading my 5th graders’ personal narratives.


Writing Club September 20, 2011

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It’s official. I am starting a writer’s club this school year. For several years now I have wanted to conduct a writing club, but wasn’t sure how. This year I took the plunge and wrote the proposal! My principal is excited about this new endeavor at our school. The name of the club is The Spilling Ink Writer’s Club. I have the book Spilling Ink: A Young Writer’s Handbook and wanted to learn more, so I googled it. Guess what? The authors have a blog  with a plethora of writing information for young writers. This year we will use the book Spilling Ink. I have made buying the book optional. The club is for students in grades 4-8. My hope is that the students will come to enjoy being with a community of writers along with creative writing. Our first official meeting will be Wednesday, October 21. I can’t wait!


5th Grade September 15, 2011

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Tomorrow marks the one month anniversary of being a 5th grade teacher. I didn’t think I would like it as much as I do. It has been a little difficult getting used to the maturity level of the kids, but other than that I love it! My former students still visit me every day. It’s hard seeing them in a different classroom, but I am happy with this change. I am learning new things. Social Studies has been the subject that’s out of my element; however, I am making it work. I’ve implemented a new way for taking notes with them (it’s nothing very innovative). Instead of having them copy notes from the screen, we make webs or graphic organizers. Sometimes the students get into groups and read a section of the book, make a web, and then present them to the class. I also use the tool United Streaming, which is a big help! I look forward to what’s to come in 5th grade!