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More Fun with Vocabulary November 4, 2010

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Today my students and I played charades with the same words from yesterday. Each student acted out their word and the others had to guess which word they were acting out. Then we played where they could choose any word from their list and act that out. I then got the idea of vocabulary Pictionary. I divided the class into teams. Each team had a person who drew, which they took turns. The team got 15 seconds to draw and figure out the word being drawn. Then it would switch to the next team. If no one got the word after the 15 seconds, the other team had 3 guesses to figure out the word. We had a good time! I will definitely have to do that again!


Vocabulary Fun November 3, 2010



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Today I gave my students a vocabulary list for the book Crash by Jerry Spinelli. I then assigned a word to each student. I asked them to look up the definition and come up with their own definition. Then they were to come up with synonyms using the thesaurus. After looking up words, creating definitions and synoyms, they were to come up with a sentence that will knock my socks off. I gave them 15 minutes to complete this task. Once finished we went around the room going over their definitions, synoyms, and sentences. If a student didn’t understand a word, we would give more synoyms for that particular word. While the students orally said their word, definition, synonym, and sentence, the other students wrote down the synonyms for all of the words. We are going to review our words tomorrow with vocabulary charades. I can’t wait!


Gratitude November 2, 2010

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Each year I have my students create a gratitude project. I got the idea out of a scrap-booking magazine eight years ago. The project has progressed from a scrapbook to a poster to a power point. I have found that the power point is highly effective. Students learn technology skills along with using writing in a nontraditional way. My students are to write 5 entries of gratitude. On each slide they must include pictures and why they are grateful. I work with the computer teacher so that they work in computer classes 3 times throughout the month of October and at least 2 times in my English classes. Students are to incorporate slide transitions and music in their power points. This is a learning process for me as well. I get to know my students more, which is truly a blessing. Once the students have finished their power points and edited them, we invite their parents in to view their projects before Thanksgiving. I create one BIG gratitude sideshow with all of their projects combined. I love this project; it puts the ordinary of every day in perspective. I am grateful for my students because I get to see them develop and grow into wonderful human beings!



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Today I was prepared to pass out Crash by Jerry Spinelli to my students today, but the books did not come in. I got an email last week from the book company, which I had thought was a shipping confirmation. It was not. The email was a notice of how the books were on back order. How could I overlook something like that? Oh, well. I did go ahead and give them background knowledge to prepare them for what’s to come. Last year my student teacher taught the book Crash and I loved it, so here I am. My students seemed excited about the book – the boys more than the girls. Even though I am disappointed about not starting right away, I do feel that this may be a good thing. Maybe my students will be in greater anticipation for the book. Hopefully the books will be in Monday so we can start!