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First Day Delights August 11, 2011

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I love the first day of school

Freshly waxed floors

Welcoming classrooms

New shoes

Crisp uniforms

Happy smiles with contagious laughter

Hugs from previous students

Eager eyes wait in anticipation of the new year

Questions, questions, questions

Answers, answers, answers


Gearing Up… August 2, 2010

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Today I decided that I would work in my classroom since school starts in a week in a half. It’s 5:25 pm and I am still at school. I have worked on my bulletin boards most of the time and they are finally done! I teach 6th grade Reading, English, and 7th grade English. At the beginning of the year, I like to have a board about their summer reading. This year they could choose one book from the following list:

The Phantom Tollbooth by Norton Juster

Hatchet by Gary Pulsen

Old Yeller by Fred Gibson

Island of the Blue Dolphines by Scott O’Dell

My students then had to write a book report using the criteria provided. They could write a newspaper article, radio drama, or a song. I will display their work the board below. Each student will also decorate their own flip flop to place on the board along with their book report.

We also have to have a religious bulletin board. I got this idea on our way to Florida. There was a bus that said, ” Jesus is the real lifesaver.” I made my”soulsaver” candies out of construction paper.


My last bulletin board I got the idea off of the internet. I added more parts of speech than what was shown on the internet. I made the puzzle pieces out of construction paper too.

I feel that my bulletin boards look great! I guess tomorrow I will have to get organized and maybe hang some posters!


My Summer is Nearing to an End July 26, 2008

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Next week is my last week of being lazy. I can’t believe how fast the summer went. The crazy thing is–I don’t feel ready for the school year to begin. I haven’t planned a thing. I kinda got side-tracked, but for a good cause. I found out on July 3rd that I was pregnant. Since then my emotions and insides have gone on a very twisty roller coaster. This week has been the first in many that I have actually felt well enough to get in-front of a computer, go outside, and eat. My appetite consisted of pretzels and peanut butter for the past three weeks.

My goal next week is to start planning for the school year. School offically begins August 18; however, I have meetings to attend in Memphis and then of course in-service. I do have some thoughts in mind of how I want to manage my classroom this year. I have been reading literature on managing a successful writing workshop. I still need to figure out my kinks– time is always a factor.


First full day overload August 21, 2007

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overloadBoy, do I feel frazzled! Today was the first full day of school. I seem to always forget that 6th graders come to me not knowing how to do simple things. We spent two class periods just organizing our notebooks and going over procedures. I had this one kid ask me “Do we have to go over each of these bullets(on the syllabus)?” I actually said, “Well, yes…have you ever been in my classroom before? You need to know how I do things.” Other than that incident the day went by smoothly. The first weeks of school are always so tiring b/c you have to go over and over procedures and rules. I am hoping that tomorrow I’ll get some writing in.


First Day August 20, 2007

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The first day back was great! It was only a half day so tomorrow is the real test. I got a new student today too and not enough books. Oh well! The only thing that I am dreading is this long night without air conditioning–I wish I was still at school.


I’m Ready for the first day! August 19, 2007

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Tomorrow I start my first day back to school. I am totally excited and can’t wait to be back in the classroom. I have planned a writing activitiy with my students and would like to share it with you. I got the idea from the book The Playful Way to Serious Writing by Roberta Allen. This book is great! I encourage you to check it out for you to use in your classroom or for yourself. Check out what I am going to do! I hope you can use it in your classroom!

Summer Writing Activity


Ready, Set… August 17, 2007

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schoolI so far have gotten ready and set for my first day of school. Today, I spent the whole day organizing my classroom. All I have to do now is get my lesson plans done and then I will be ready for GO! I can’t believe how exhausted I am. I am just glad my room is finished. I can’t wait until school starts Monday!