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Teachers must Write too September 24, 2007

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writeI am a firm believer that teachers need to write along with their students. YES, it’s easy to sit behind your desk and grade papers or play solitaire instead of actually write. Writing is hard for everyone, especially students. It takes practice. When teachers write in front of their students, they demonstrate that writing is hard for everyone. It shows them that you are human. Modeling writing also makes your students aware of thought processes and that authors actually do the same thing. In order for anyone to get better at writing, they need to write daily–even teachers. The article “Becoming Your Own Expert” has a lot to say about teachers writing themselves. Please take a look at it.


5 Responses to “Teachers must Write too”

  1. objective1 Says:

    I agree. I would take it a step further and say that the most effective way to guide is to find strong students who are willing to allow you to open their writing up for discussion. I find that choosing sentences and then deconstructing the idea and rewriting it, always using a ‘more as less’ approach will show students how to deconstruct their own work. Don’t just hand your students a piece of work that is beyond them, show them how to create from rough drafts.


  2. barclaygp Says:

    You are exactly right. I need to do a better job of modeling for my students. In the few instances in which I have modeled, my students seem to be much more willing and able to complete the assignment.

  3. Ruth Says:

    Thanks for sharing the article link. I’m glad you reminded me of this crucial piece of successful writing workshops!

  4. teacher4life Says:

    This year I have been very mindful of showing my students my writing… I keep a personal WNB and a school WNB. I use the school nb to show mentor text and model my writing for various units of study. I use my personal one to show them what I do outside of school. It has really worked with my fourth graders and I have seen thier thoughts and ideas in their own WNB grow each day. TOTALLY ON BOARD WITH YOUR THOUGHTS.

  5. I’ve done some blogging on this too. Here’s a link http://mentortexts.blogspot.com/search/label/pratice%20what%20you%20preach. Thanks for reminding us all that we need to write!!!

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