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More on Organization November 23, 2007

My students have a writing binder that stays in the classroom. It has 5 tabs in it to help organize their binders. This idea came from Judith Gould except for the rubric tab. That’s my idea.

    The order of tabs:


tab 1 = my work – this is where their current writing is located (choice of writing, assigned writing, etc)


tab 2 = conferences – all the essential tools needed for conferencing are located here


tab 3 = rubrics – this is new this year! I have several rubrics for my students to use (self editing, peer editing, & teacher rubrics) I found that having a place for their rubrics helps me and them stay organized


tab 4 = writer’s helpers – all the essential tools to help them be better writers (transitions, proofreading stuff, whatever you would like for your students to have, etc)


tab 5 = tips from writers – any pieces of writing from other authors that they may want to use for guidance in writing styles

Each quarter I have my students turn in a choice of writing. This writing is anything that they choose to write about. (poems, songs, stories, etc) They are given time in class to work on these pieces. Once the pieces are done, I have them use rubrics to help edit themselves. The rubrics consist of self editing, peer editing, and teacher rubric. The self editing is where they edit their piece of writing themselves and once finished with that they get a peer editing sheet. The students are to give their piece of writing and the rubric to any peer to edit. They then conference on what was edited. Now, my students are to make any revisions that they may have. After making revisions and they are ready to hand in the writing of choice, they are to get the teacher rubric. The teacher rubric is the one I use to grade their work. Each of these rubrics have the same criteria on them except the teacher rubric has a scale of 5-1 and the self/peer rubric has yes and no check sheet. I found last year that giving students a scale of 5-1 didn’t work because they didn’t know what consisted of each criteria. Yes, I need to model each of these and that would show them each, but right now I haven’t had the time.

Back to organization:

To organize their rubrics, I bought color coded folders and labeled each of them. Each folder has a different type rubric in them because you know that poetry is different from essays.

Blue folders= 7th grade poetry/songs

folder 1 = self editing rubric (students are to get this rubric first)

folder 2 = peer editing rubric (after self editing, they are to peer edit)

folder 3 = teacher rubric (get when ready to turn in)

Pink folders = stories or essays

folder 1 = self

folder 2 = peer

folder 3 = teacher

Yellow folders = 6 poetry/ songs

I have a rubric station where they can get these rubrics when they need them. I took time to explain the rubric folder system. We’ll see how it goes. Next week I plan on going step by step on each rubric to explain what the criteria means.


Organization Helps November 8, 2007

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I feel so disorganized when administration comes to me the day before a new student comes or that day. At the beginning of the year, I give out syllabuses, schedules, writer’s notebooks, reading response logs, writing notebooks, and the list goes on and on to give to students, but when a new student comes, I can’t remember where I placed them. It’s so hard to get that information together and give it to the student, so I came up with a great idea for our Middle School Team. At the beginning of the year, I had asked the middle school teachers to give me their syllabuses and any information they give out to students at the beginning of the year. Then I made folders containing all of our important information for each grade level with a welcoming letter. The folders are housed in the vice principals office so that she can give it to the parents of the new student.


Meet and Greet November 3, 2007

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Tonight my husband and I were invited over our Spanish teacher’s home to eat dinner and socialize with the middle school team. This was nice because we could relax and enjoy each other’s company while getting to know each other better. I highly recommend that you get to know your coworkers. It can impact your working relationship in a positive way!

“Life is not made up of minutes, but by moments.” I got this quote off of Ruth’s page! This night was truly a moment in time that I want to remember.