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Modeling a Writer’s Notebook Entry September 7, 2007

pencilAfter reading Stacey’s blog about modeling, I realized that I too need to model. My students keep saying I don’t get it and I realized TODAY after 3 weeks that they TRULY don’t understand what I am asking for them to do. Next week I am going to MODEL how to respond to a quote. You can’t just say respond to the quote because they will write just about anything from I don’t get it or I don’t know what to write. I am hopefully going to change that. I will also model how to pick a topic from my writer’s notebook list of territories and how I would like for them to write at home too.


One Response to “Modeling a Writer’s Notebook Entry”

  1. David Carithers Says:

    Cool blog, Andi! What a great way to share ideas. And I think you are right about the modeling–much needed.

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