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Slice of Life: Rain, Rain Go Away March 30, 2008

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On my way home today it rained at least an hour. On my way to Nashville yesterday it poured for over an hour. It’s still raining. I am tired of the rain. I know we need it in order to survive, but I don’t like driving in it or even being in it.


Slice of Life: Me March 27, 2008

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I am finally doing something for myself because I want to. No more excuses! Today will be the 3rd day that I have consistently gone to the gym. Something about the weather being nice has made me want to make a difference with myself and my weight gain. Since I have been married, I have put on some pounds. It wasn’t until our cruise when I noticed that the weight gain was noticeable in my face. The whole time on the cruise I told myself when I got home I would do something about it and I have. I am so proud of myself for taking the initiative. Working out is tough, but well worth it!


Slice of Life: Power March 26, 2008

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Today I have felt very powerful. I am not talking about dicatating either. It’s the power of being a part of something. I attended the first Relay for Life meeting for our team, which is a part of the Jackson Madison County Relay for Life, and I am pumped. I helped out last year and enjoyed working with people from my church and school, so I plan on helping out again this year. The only thing that is different this year is that we have a new team captain because the old one has other obligations. I felt the meeting went well tonight and I look forward to our meeting next Wednesday night. We only have 44 days until the event! The event happens May 9-10th! I can’t wait!


Slice of Life: Napping March 24, 2008

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Today is my last day of Spring Break so I wanted to end it right by taking a nap. I love naps, but my husband thinks I could be doing something more worth my time. I think I am spending my time worthwhile by rejuvenating my body for the long week of questions, lesson plans, headaches, papers to grade and so on. So I nestle into our large brown leather recliner to be rudely awakened by two ferocious dogs barking at a cat out the window. Just when I think the cost is clear to get some shut eye, Tony pops up to let me know he’s leaving to go ref for soccer. Of course he can’t leave quietly he sounds like a heard of elephants stampeding in Africa before he leaves. Ah, quiet finally. I get that desperate nap in and wake up somewhat refreshed.


Slice of Life: Nerves March 12, 2008

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I went to be last night with butterflies in my stomach. Why? You may be asking. Well, I started to prepare for a demonstration that I will present to my faculty Thursday about writing across the curriculum. My demonstration is typed up, my agenda and notes are ready, but I don’t feel as ready as usual. I guess it’s because I am presenting to my peers. I know this stuff like the back side of my hand; however, the thought of getting in front of critical peers scares me. Not to the point where I lay awake at night, just a little uneasy. I know I will do fine once I get in front of them. I just need to not think about it any more and just know that it will turn out fine.


Slice of Life: Mass Confusion March 11, 2008

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Today I attempted to teach the 7th grade adverbial nouns before actually reading the lesson before hand. Big mistake! I got many questions and mixed facial expressions throughout the lesson. I know I didn’t do a good job teaching that class, but I did learn from it. The next class thought the lesson was a piece of cake. I figured out what I did wrong and taught the next class even better. The saying you learn from your mistakes is true, especially with teaching. Tomorrow I will be reteaching, but that’s  not a bad thing.


Slice of Life: New Jacket March 10, 2008

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As I said yesterday, I went shopping. I found the cutest jacket that I had to have at Goody’s and the best part about it was it was on sale even with the $10 coupon. I wore it today and got many complements on it. My colleagues couldn’t believe that I got the jacket at Goody’s. It made me feel good that so many people complemented me today. I can’t wait to wear it again. I also can’t wait to go shopping again.