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Winding Down May 21, 2008


The school year is winding down. Today we had our field day and boy was it tiring. Our school does field day a little differently. They are divided into 24 teams where there are students from all grade levels. The goal for this was to be more family oriented. The teams compete against each other and they win by the best times. The past two years my team has placed 2nd, but unfortunately we didn’t place this year. It was a good day.

You can always tell when it’s the end of the year– students shut down 2 weeks before school is actually out. Tuesday I attempted to do this cool lesson on vivid verbs, but it bombed. I can’t blame the kids though–I’m ready for it to end too. This year was a good year over all–next year will be an even better year. I am already thinking of new ways to improve the year.

I was wondering what some of  you do at the end of the year to keep your students going. Please share your ideas.