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Looking Back July 25, 2012

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You’ve probably wondered where I’ve been. Well, I had a baby girl June 14. During the 9 months that I was pregnant I didn’t feel like doing anything not even updating my blog. A lot has happened since my last posts. Writing club went very well for me this year. We met every other Wednesday. I had about 20 regulars. I look forward to this school year’s club. I’m hoping to become a little more ambitious – maybe have a writing contest or something where the school can submit writing. We’ll just have to wait and see.

My earlier post 5th grade stated that I was enjoying it. I was until the year progressed. The days seemed to go by slower and slower. I didn’t feel that I was in my element any more. I was second guessing my decision.  In January, I finally seized the opportunity to go back to middle school in the fall. (I was lucky that the teacher who replaced me was moving to a different position in the fall. )I missed the middle school setting – my former students, the bell schedule, not having to escort your kids to every special, and of course just teaching language arts. I did enjoy the social studies in 5th grade, but it just wasn’t me. After speaking with my principal, we decided that I could move back to teaching 6th and 7th grade. I do have to teach the same students again (I’ll have them for 3 yrs in a row- but I can see how they’ve progressed).

Looking back – I don’t regret my decision. It has opened a new window in my teaching career. It’s allowed me to think about my discipline procedures and how I handle certain situations. I plan to go in full throttle and revamp a lot of things with my discipline. I’m not sure as of now what that exactly entails, but I have some idea. I look forward to middle school again. This year will mark my 12th year with teaching. I’ve come a long way and I’m still learning about myself as a teacher.


4 Responses to “Looking Back”

  1. Glad to see you will be back in a middle school setting. I missed your posts. Lots of great ideas here!

  2. tigerofmu Says:

    I have loved browsing through your blog and seeing the wonderful ideas that you’ve shared. It is a unique experience to be able to step from our “regular” classroom and take on another role even for just a short time. It gave me a much broader perspective, and the ability to bridge that elementary/secondary gap.

  3. Angela Says:

    It is nice to see you blogging again. I hope to get back to my blogging too. Maybe you can inspire me. I would live to hear more about how you revamp your discipline and how that works for you.

  4. I hope you pick up your blog again this year. Lots of good ideas here!

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