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Under My Belt October 18, 2011

Filed under: slice of life writing — hey2blondie @ 9:16 pm

Tomorrow I will be observed by my principal. I am not nervous, but I do wonder if I should be. I have been teaching for so long that observations come naturally to me. I can remember my palms sweating, heart pounding, and loss of sleep the night before my observation. I can say that I have grown as an educator. I do like to be observed so I know what I need to improve upon.

I know one thing I need to improve upon ~ consistency with discipline. It is so hard to be consistent. I have been better this year. Maybe because of the new grade or maybe because I am more sure of myself. Whatever it is, I still need help. Tomorrow class will probably go smoothly and I will receive high marks on my observation, but the part that my principal doesn’t see is the days Johnny Boy misbehaves. Tomorrow he’ll be an angel.

I guess I can say I have my lessons under my belt, but I sure do need help with that area of discipline. I wish it were a perfect world in a perfect schoolhouse, but it’s not. I have to live and learn from my mistakes even when the principal is not around.


3 Responses to “Under My Belt”

  1. Linda Baie Says:

    There are always those times to self-examine & it sounds as if you are already doing the evaluation. The principal doesn’t have to know, but you do. Talking with a colleague might help you see if there’s something to ‘fix’. Good luck!

  2. Angela Says:

    My weakness is planning. I have gotten so comfortable over the years that I just don’t put the time I should in to planning.

  3. monica Says:

    I remember those days!

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