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More on Digital Storytelling June 23, 2011

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Summer for me is a time to teach writing camp. I have been fortunate to teach at two camps this year. This week I have been working with kids from grades 3-8 in Martin, TN. We blasted off the week with Digital Storytelling. We used the website LittleBirdTales to create our stories. On the site students can upload pictures or use a paint program to draw their very own pictures. This site now allows teachers to create student accounts and the teacher is able to manage each account. See my post from February.  The only thing that I wish this site had now was a spelling/grammar check option.

I just love digital stories. They are a great way for students to showcase their work. The best part about them is the students can work on them at home! I loved seeing their creativity shine.

Below is my digital story and two student examples from this week:

The Two Koalas

Alan by a soon to be third grader

Bad Day for Baldwin by a High school student


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