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Environmental Issues May 3, 2011

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As a SACS accredited school, we have to continuely work on our school. Each year we have plans that are implemented and this year we have the goal of addressing to students about global and environmental issues. I had no clue to how I was to go about this because I am not a science teacher. I decided to do some research and found a local website about recycling called Recycle Jackson. On this site was information on E-Waste and a video clip on the global impact of what goes on when countries don’t recycle. I had this information in the back of my mind because I knew I had to implement the goal before school let out in May.

Today I decided since I wasn’t going to get to see both of my sixth grade reading classes this week due to Music practice performances that I would give my students a quick eye opener. I quickly created a power point that had facts, pictures, and that video clip. I introduced it to my students and they were amazed at what landfills looked like and above all what goes on in other countries. I felt that it was a good lesson for the students to realize that our trash does affect others. Below is my power point that I showed my students.

Does What We Throw Away Affect Others


2 Responses to “Environmental Issues”

  1. Linda Baie Says:

    It’s a great way to introduce the topic to students & start down the path to what they can do? Good for you for beginning that process!

  2. elsie Says:

    Maybe this will cause some to consider doing more recycling, especially water bottles. We throw things away so easily. Good food for thought!

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