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Fun in Literature Class April 30, 2011

Recently my class read Sixth Grade Can Really Kill You by Barthe DeClements and they loved it! The book is about a girl named Helen, “Bad Helen”. She gets her name because she’s always playing pranks on her teacher. Helen has dyslexia and is struggling in school. She may even fail until she meets Mr. Marshall.

At the end of a novel I like to have some type of culminating activity. I found a cool website for literature circles. This site had extension projects that looked fun and interesting. I had one of my classes complete the commemorative stamp activity. They turned out great. I’ll post pictures later. This site even has rubrics to grade the projects.


I then found another idea on a mini book report so I tweaked it for my class. Below is the mini book report project:

Mini Book Report

The Sixth Grade Can Really Kill You


This will be a TEST grade!


White copy paper, colored paper or construction paper


Crayons or markers


Fold the paper in half, then in half again. When you unfold the paper, you will have four boxes of equal size. Then cut the paper in half along one of the folds, slip one piece of the paper inside the other. Repeat the steps and staple the fold to create a twelve page book. Your book pages need to represent the following:

1.       Create a new cover design for the book including the author and title

2.      Your name needs to be on this page

3.      10 sentence summary

4.      10 sentence response of the book

5.      Choose a theme that is represented and explain its importance. 5-10 sentences.

6.      Picture of favorite event or scene from book

7.      Explanation of why this is your favorite event or scene. 5-10 sentences.

8.      Conduct an interview with your parents about what school was like when they were in sixth grade. Ask questions to find out about what discipline was like, dress code, learning styles, classroom set-up, homework, and what their teachers were like. Include at least 6 questions and their answers.

9.      Compare and contrast your sixth grade year to your parents’ based on the interview questions. Include parent signature. 10-15 sentences.

10.   Vocabulary page – include five vocabulary words from the book, their definitions, and original sentences using the words that are important in the book; the words might offer other students an indication of the reading level/difficulty of the book. Knock my socks off with the sentences!

11.    Rating page – draw five stars and indicate how many stars you would give this book – 5 being the best!

12.   Back cover – write a teaser to entice others to read the book OR create an interesting write up about the author.


Your pages may be typed or written in cursive.

Mini Book Report Rubric

The Sixth Grade Can Really Kill You


_____ Front Cover is interesting, includes title and author (20 points)

_____ Page Two – Name is on the project (5 points)

_____ Page Three – 10 sentence summary (10 points)

_____ Page Four – 10 sentence response (10 points)

_____ Page Five – Theme and explanation of importance – 5-10 sentences

(10 points)

_____ Page Six – Picture of favorite scene or event (10 points)

_____ Page Seven – Explanation of picture – 5-10 sentences (10 points)

_____ Page Eight – At least SIX interview questions and answers (15 points)

_____ Page Nine – Compare and Contrast – 10-15 sentences- parent

signature (20 points)

_____ Page Ten – FIVE vocabulary words, definitions, and original sentences

(15 points)

_____ Page Eleven – Five Star Rating (5 points)

_____ Back Cover – teaser or interesting write up on author (5 points)

_____ CHIPS (capitalization, handwriting, indenting, punctuation, spelling) and neatness (20 points)

_____ Original and Creative (5 points)

_____ 160 points total

Please include rubric with final project or

 5 points will be deducted.

I can’t wait to see the final outcome! Pictures to follow soon…


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