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Wild Goose Chase Theater April 13, 2011

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Today my sixth graders had a special treat. The Wild Goose Chase Theater came to our school! Matt Sandbank made his shadow puppets come to life with his voice and poetry. He taught the students how to create imagery in their poems. He engaged them the entire 45 minute period. Even the science teacher wrote a poem! During his show he had the students pick an image and then list nouns, verbs, and adjectives that would go with the image. He modeled every step that he did. After they compiled their lists, he had them create music with their words. He taught them about alliteration, metaphors, and similies. Yes, I teach these at my school, but it was good for my students to hear it from someone who writes their own poetry. Below is my list and poem.


fun  lime  green  red  green  stripped  juicy  black seeds  picnic  slices  chunks  summer  messy  munching  devour  child  running soft  basket  adults  children  humongus  ripe   fruit  plump   crisp  quench  bite  flesh  rind  ants  dribble eat   large  rotund  table  spit  hard  mounds  water  melon abundant  pile


Mounds of messy melons

Stacked on the picnic table

Ripe juicy fruit

Dribbles down my cheek

Children devour

Chunks of plump red flesh

Seed spit in the air

This is more fun than the fair!


One Response to “Wild Goose Chase Theater”

  1. amy kirkland Says:

    My students are just beginning poetry and using imagery in their poetry. I think I will squeeze this in. Fun!! Thanks for sharing.

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