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Student Thoughts on SOL April 10, 2011

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Last week I graded all of my students’ SOLS. Yes, it was a tedious task, but I enjoyed reading each and every slice. I learned a lot about my students and what they liked to write about and what they didn’t like. Most of my students enjoyed the SOLs, but what they didn’t like was writing every day. Some thought that they didn’t have much to say when they did. Next year I will have to focus on modeling how the simplest things matter too. Along the way I scanned several students’ slices so that I can share with next year’s students.


This Wednesday I am going to celebrate with those students who sliced 31 entries with a pizza party. I’m also going to have a writing give away that day. I told them if they sliced 18 slices their name will be entered into the drawing once, 25 slices their name will be entered twice, and 31 slices their name will be entered three times. I can’t wait until Wednesday!


One Response to “Student Thoughts on SOL”

  1. Nina Alvarez Says:

    Love your blog, btw. Thanks for the link! And thanks for being an English teacher!

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