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Stacks of Slices April 3, 2011

Filed under: slice of life writing,thoughts — hey2blondie @ 12:22 pm

Last night I graded my first stack of four writer’s notebooks. I too had them reflect on their journey. I was pleased to read that some of those students liked the challenge. Several students commented how they liked hearing their peers’ slices and several didn’t like it because the slice had to be on that day. In that class I had two students write all 31 slices – I was excited to see that they stuck it out. I have enjoyed reading all of their slices. Today I will grade another stack. I hope to get them all done by Tuesday.

I used the below rubric to get their grade on this challenge: (students were to write at least 18 slices – that’s how many days we were in school in March)

80 points for 18  half of page slices (approximately 4.4 pts each)

10 points for neat and legible

10 points for slices representing a sliver of their life not a diary or bed to bed entry (had a lot of those, but at least they wrote)


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