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6th Grade slices March 31, 2011

Filed under: slice of life writing — hey2blondie @ 9:59 am

I hate that the slice of life challenge ends today. I know some of my students will now use slices when writing in their writer’s notebooks. I look forward to reading them! Click on the image to read.

Student doc

student doc 2


3 Responses to “6th Grade slices”

  1. Wanda Brown Says:

    I love these…they really sound like kids just being kids. I hear their voices and what is important to them at the moment. Please pass on to them how much fun it is to read their work.

  2. Elizabeth E. Says:

    Very cool. Although the challenge is ending, it sounds like you’ll have lots of voices of students clamoring for you to continue this in some way. This leads met to believe that you will be successful in your writing. Bravo!

    See you next year!

  3. Linda Baie Says:

    Just like last time, there are so many good topics, brought alive by the good words. I liked the way the sweet tea was spoken to, the funny part (from a few points of view) about the dog causing a fall into the mud, the sad writing about a dad saying goodbye, the creative things that a Twix bar can cause (good commercial) & the longer slice about the awesome beach & sandcastle, & really having to say goodbye because it was swept away by the waves. Good descriptive words that made me ‘see’ the picture every time.

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