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Trying Something New March 29, 2011

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The hum in the air is not from bees; it’s my 6th grade students. No they are not humming. They are working on their Literature Circle Projects. They are excited. You can feel the energy in the air. My heart leaps with joy. Before passing out the project guidelines, I was a little leary if the projects would work. I had never given groups a choice of projects. I usually had them create a book jacket or a cereal box report, but this time I wanted them to have more ownership and input  in the project. The groups have a list of seven project choices to choose from. The groups will then create a rubric with point values for their project. This also is a first to me. I want them to have ownership with their projects. I feel at this moment in time they will strive to do their best and I will be happy with their final outcomes.

Literature Circle Book Projects


4 Responses to “Trying Something New”

  1. Donna Smith Says:

    I love the humming of the busy-ness of students!

  2. Linda Baie Says:

    Thanks for sharing the assignment too. Your lit circle projects sound great, & worthy of the excitement, I think. My school gives lots of choice in the assignments, & I really do believe the students are more involved because they were able to choose the ‘fit’ for them at that time. Best wishes!

  3. jodimahoney Says:

    I can feel their excitement through your post. Good for you for giving over the ownership – the results will be impressive and inspiring, I’m sure.

  4. Ruth Says:

    Kudos to you for stepping out of your comfort zone and giving more choice. I love it when teachers continue to evolve and change their practice. I’m glad you are slicing this month. Thanks for sharing, Ruth

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