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Visit March 22, 2011

Filed under: slice of life writing — hey2blondie @ 9:57 pm

My husband and I drive up the long driveway of our old brick house, which is being rented out now. The lawn is filled with weeds. Bushes that we planted over a year ago are dead. Daffodils are shriveled up. I see a red tulip in full bloom – probably one that I planted several years ago from a Valentine gift. My heart aches to see my house this way. This was the house that we started together 5 years ago. This was the house that our daughter was conceived in. This was the house that we brought our daughter home to. This was the house with many memories. I look ahead and realize that it’s not our home any more. It’s just a house that we rent out now. I will always cherish our first house. It was nice to visit to realize that our home is where we are now.


One Response to “Visit”

  1. Linda Baie Says:

    Memories are good, aren’t they? It’s not fun to have the pictures in your head broken, but things do change. Sorry for the loss, but glad for your realization that home is where you & your family is. Nice telling.

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