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Believe in Writing March 6, 2011

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My heart aches as I read from my writing project director’s email.

Funding for NWP (and other important educational programs) has been cut and we need to act now or WTWP might not exist in the near future.

I can’t believe my vary eyes. I live and breathe writing. If it weren’t for the writing project, I would not be where I am now in my teaching. I have learned so much from the writing project. I blame them for creating this writing monster and now the government wants to cut funding. Isn’t education important any more?

So I had to act. I wrote to all of my senators and representatives. I even contacted the White House. Who knows if Mr. President will read it or not, but I had to try something. Our students need more teachers from writing projects. In the United States we have 200 writing project sites. Just this last November I went to the annual NWP meeting. There I got to meet with many fine writing project teacher consultants who believe in writing the way I do.

If you believe in writing, please contact your representatives! You don’t have to be a writing project person; you just have to believe in the importance of writing. Below are some links to help save funding!





One Response to “Believe in Writing”

  1. Diana Says:

    This is devastating. I just finished sending my letter to my Michigan representatives thanks to the link you provided. Thank you so much for your post.

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