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Six Word Memoir March 5, 2011

Filed under: slice of life writing — hey2blondie @ 2:56 pm

Thanks to Deb Day: Coffee with Chloe. She gave me the idea of a six word memoir. Here it goes…


Live life to the last drop!

Don’t look backwards. Always look forward.

I can’t live without my career–teaching.



6 Responses to “Six Word Memoir”

  1. Donna Smith Says:

    Look long – Write less – Mean more

    …I tried it! I liked it!

    Great idea!

  2. MaryHelen Says:

    Thanks for sharing the idea. Love the positiveness. :)MHG

  3. Andi,
    My favorite is the first one. I think it is partially so fabulous because of its proximity to the link for “coffee with chloe.” I imagine you holding an almost empty cup of joe above your head, waiting for one last drop.

  4. Jessica Says:

    Enjoyed the post! Keep on writing!


  5. onesunflower Says:

    I am full but always hungry….(for more that is!)

  6. Deb Day Says:

    Glad you enjoyed the six word memoirs. There’s a whole universe out there, I think. I found lots of videos on vimeo of the six word memoir. Now my kids want to make them! They did spend a lot of time on Friday making posters of their work and decorating my space with it!

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