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Pure Enjoyment March 3, 2011

Filed under: slice of life writing — hey2blondie @ 8:12 pm

This afternoon my husband dropped my two year old daughter off at my school. As we were walking down the long hallway, she spotted the jungle gym outside. “Play!” she exclaimed while pointing. I told her we would play after the girls’ volleyball game. Watching her climb and jump on the bleachers made me wonder what she was thinking. Does she even sense any fear? She looks up at me and smiles. The crowd claps and cheers and so does my stinky pinky. Her eyes twinkle with excitement. After about two matches, she walks toward the gym doors and again yells, “play!”

So we travel towards my classroom hallway to adventure to the jungle gym. Her eyes light up again as she sees the daycare children playing on the slides and jungle gym. She advances toward the kiddie slide. “Weeee!” she cheers all the way down. My heart flutters with joy. I love seeing her in her pure enjoyment. Then she sets her eyes upon the big kid slide. She was already half way up the slide before I could say no, so I followed her up the slide. My heart raced because I was worried about the big slide. She turned her body around so that she was on her belly with her feet first. “Weeeee!” she screams. “Again, Again!” and she was off. We slid probably 20 times in a row. Each time she went down she had that pure enjoyment in her eyes.

I enjoyed our afternoon together. It’s not often that we get to just stop and be a kid again. I too had pure enjoyment in my eyes, while sliding down the big orange slide. My daughter is my pure enjoyment! I love her so much.


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