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Student Slices #1 March 2, 2011

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These posts are from my 7th grade students!


2 Responses to “Student Slices #1”

  1. Tam Says:

    Student #1-Rushed Oversleeper: The word “radiating” really paints the picture of morning and you still being in bed–good job! This piece reminded me of rushed mornings, only to find nothing would make it go away. Keep savoring those everyday slices!!
    Student #2-new season of soccer: Great noticings–tattered ground from cleats, stands of players, opposing team, hopefully inexperienced–I felt the joy, anticipation, and eagerness.–Keep those details coming!
    Student #3-math test: Thoughts are great to have in a story. Then you have a brake with dialogue–good job! I love, love, love your “white sheets of death.” And then to slam the story shut with one last groan of 23 in 3 sheets–scary. “Help me, Lord.” Bam!! Keep writing!!!

  2. Jana Says:

    Great description of the math test: “white sheets of death.” That will definitely stick in my head. We have nine weeks test coming next week and I believe many of my students will be thinking similar thoughts.

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