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Digital Storytelling February 26, 2011

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Today I taught a young writer’s clubhouse, which is where writing project teachers teach a writing workshop based on a theme. The theme today was digital storytelling. I taught the students how to make a picture book type story using power point and this cool website called Little Bird Tales. This site allows the author to either draw or upload photos to their stories. Authors also have the option of having a private or public story and the opportunity to share it by emailing their contacts.

We started the day by analyzing picture books. We looked at the layouts, characters, pictures, and wording. We also discussed the audience and why we really need to think about our audience when creating a digital story. Since most of the students didn’t know what digital storytelling was, I had them peruse through examples on-line using Reading at pppst.  The students then brainstormed a list of topics that they could do a story on. Several students changed their topics many times. I loved seeing their processing. After the students decided on a topic, I had them storyboard their story so that they had a plan.

The students were eager to start their stories digitally, but I had to convince them that it was best to plan their story first. Once they planned their story, I taught them how to use insert sound, clip art, and how to move their pictures. Then they were off! They didn’t want to stop when it was time to wrap up.

There is so much that your students can do with digital storytelling. Their stories can be as simple or high tech as they want them to be.



2 Responses to “Digital Storytelling”

  1. Amiee Klem Says:

    Thank you so much for blogging about our site! Little Bird Tales started as a simple idea to make sharing stories fun and interactive for our (then) 4 year old daughter. Little did we know it would find it’s way to classrooms and into the hearts of many parents and teachers!

    We will be adding teachers accounts soon and hope you will be able to review us again when that feature is available! Thanks again for your support!

    We are so thrilled to see children and teachers using it… I can’t tell you how long we’ve waited to see it take off! If you have some time, we’d love to see some of the tales your students worked on! You can email them to the email provided.

    Write on!

    Amiee Klem Co-Founder LittleBirdTales.com

  2. […] site now allows teachers to create student accounts and the teacher is able to manage each account. See my post from February.  I just love digital stories. They are a great way for students to showcase their […]

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