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Big Bunko! February 26, 2011

Filed under: slice of life writing,teachers who write,thoughts,wn entry — hey2blondie @ 12:50 am

Every month I have the opportunity to socialize with my teacher friends. This event is sacred. I can always tell when I am in need of a bunko fix. My mind and soul twitches with the urge to be with people – to get away from the hustle and bustle of school and family life. Tonight I got my bunko fix. I laughed so hard my side hurt. If felt good to smile and not worry about anything. The crazy thing is that this is the first time we have played since probably last September. Lately we’ve just gotten together, which is even better than playing. Tonight was a rare occasion. All eight players rolled a big bunko tonight. A big bunko is when a player rolls three sixes at one time. Never in the history of my bunko playing have I had this happen. It felt exhilarating to scream “BIG BUNKO!” at the top of my lungs like I accomplished something so hard to comprehend yet so easy to do. The other crazy thing that happened tonight was that another player and I had simultaneous big bunkos. Crazy! I can’t wait until our next social gathering.


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