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As the Sirens Blare February 24, 2011

Filed under: slice of life writing,thoughts,wn entry — hey2blondie @ 5:19 pm

As the sirens blare I drive down the bypass wondering if Kroger will be open. I decide that I will attempt to purchase the one ingredient needed for our dinner recipe. I pull into a parking spot and notice people entering the rather large building. Their faces didn’t sense urgency to get home. They seem to be going their merry ways. I enter Kroger and notice that I could not hear the sirens. I begin to wonder if the employees and customers know we are in a tornado warning. Beep, beep, beep is all I hear as I select the Parmesan cheese from the shelf. I too didn’t sense the urgency of the sirens. Is it because I am immune to them or is it because I really wasn’t worried?


One Response to “As the Sirens Blare”

  1. T. Hess Says:

    When this happens, I think we’re running on “I’ve heard that so many times before” attitude. Still one has a choice–take cover or buy cheese. I would buy cheese, too. I remember cutting up chickens when the alert went off on the TV once. I was bound and determined and hated to cut up chickens–I was on a mission!

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