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A Kid Again February 1, 2011

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During Catholic Schools Week, our school has a special day just for students. Yesterday was Student Appreciation Day. The day began with the Math-a-thon for Saint Jude. Each lower grade is paired with an upper grade. My sixth graders were paired with second graders. This way the 6th graders could help the 2nd graders with their math problems. At each half hour a bonus question was asked and the kids had to try to work out the problem for a prize. It was fun seeing the students work together! After the math-a-thon, we went back to regular schedule. In English class we played part of speech bingo. I had books for prizes, which the kids loved!

At the end of the day I got to be a kid again. We have an annual 8th grade against the teachers volleyball game. The whole school comes to cheer everyone on! I played on the teachers’ team. It felt good to play again. It brought me back to when I was in junior high. My PE teacher taught us volleyball and I loved it. I even think I was pretty good at it. The 8th graders said that I was good at volleyball. That made me feel good. I only wish I could play all of the time. I may not be as good as I was when I was 13, but I still enjoyed myself.


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