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Gratitude November 2, 2010

Filed under: thoughts,writing,writing activities,writing workshop — hey2blondie @ 10:16 pm

Each year I have my students create a gratitude project. I got the idea out of a scrap-booking magazine eight years ago. The project has progressed from a scrapbook to a poster to a power point. I have found that the power point is highly effective. Students learn technology skills along with using writing in a nontraditional way. My students are to write 5 entries of gratitude. On each slide they must include pictures and why they are grateful. I work with the computer teacher so that they work in computer classes 3 times throughout the month of October and at least 2 times in my English classes. Students are to incorporate slide transitions and music in their power points. This is a learning process for me as well. I get to know my students more, which is truly a blessing. Once the students have finished their power points and edited them, we invite their parents in to view their projects before Thanksgiving. I create one BIG gratitude sideshow with all of their projects combined. I love this project; it puts the ordinary of every day in perspective. I am grateful for my students because I get to see them develop and grow into wonderful human beings!


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