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Eventful Summer So Far June 17, 2010

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My plans this summer have been somewhat shot. I had planned this week to unpack the few boxes I had left from the move. My daughter was going to go to day care and everything was going to be perfect. Well, not any more. My daughter was not herself Tuesday so I took her to the doctor and she was diagnosed with another ear infection and she had a fever all day. I couldn’t get her comfortable. She finally fell asleep. That’s when my husband and I decided to unpack those boxes. We got two unpacked when I decided that I didn’t like the set up of the living room. I began to move the couches around. I had asked my husband what he had thought. Of course he would say I liked it the other way. I then proceeded to move the larger couch toward me. “Ouch!” My toenail had pulled from the nail bed. It was bleeding and I almost passed out. You see I don’t do well with my own blood. If you were bleeding, I could handle it, but not my own blood. My husband rushed over to assist me. He carefully wrapped my large left toe and got me onto the couch.

He then proceeded to find out what we needed to do about the situation. He found a website that told him how to clean the wound and what not. I told him that I wanted to go to the doctor. It was 5:45 pm and all of the doctor’s offices were closed so I had to wait until morning to see what a doctor would say. With my toe throbbing in pain, I attempted to rest; however, I couldn’t get my mind off of my toe. I fiddled around the house until around 11 pm when I decided to go to sleep. The problem was I couldn’t sleep so I read Eclipse until 2 am.

The sun streamed through the windows around 8 am. I heard my husband on the phone making my appointment. The thought of having my toenail cut off nauseated me, but I knew it was the only way. My appointment was set for 1pm that day. I was glad I didn’t have to wait until the next day.

I arrived at the podiatrist’s office, filled out the paper work, and waited patiently to be seen. I was feeling ok until I had to take my sandals off for the nurse to look at my toe. I was queezy not know what to expect. She said that they were definately taking the nail off today. She took me to the procedure room and then placed a screen up so I wouldn’t have to see what the doctor was doing. The doctor came in and he put me at ease by making jokes. The doctor numbed the toe in three spots, waited about 20 minutes, and bam…done! It wasn’t as bad as I anticipated.I had expected to feel a tug, but I didn’t feel a thing. Of course, later on the numbing went away and I could feel the throbbing pain.

I didn’t know the worst part was yet to come– undressing the bandage and replacing it. It took me literally 3 hours to release the bandage from the skin of the nail bed. I guess I am a wuss, but hey it’s my toe. The doctor said it will take a total of 10 months for my nail to grow back!

So here I am with a hurt toe and a sick baby. What a combination! Needless to say the boxes are still there, the house is a disaster, and I will just have to live with it for now. I am just happy that the situation wasn’t worse than it was.


2 Responses to “Eventful Summer So Far”

  1. Angela Says:

    Yuck! How is your toe doing now?

    • hey2blondie Says:

      Angela, my toe is actually doing well. It’s still a little sensitive, but I can walk and wear shoes. Thanks for asking!

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