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Cereal Box Book Reports March 8, 2010


During the month of February, my students worked in literature circles. Every year after reading their books, I have them do some sort of project. In years past I had them create book jackets. I decided I wanted to do something different, so I began my internet research on different ways to present book reports. I came across the cereal box book report. I fell in love with the idea the moment I read what the students had to do.

So I typed up the guidelines and presented them to my students. I even included a rubric so they would know what I was grading them for. Their cereal boxes turned out great! I was so impressed with my students’ creativity on their boxes.

After completing their cereal boxes, the groups had to come up with a commercial to SELL their cereal, which meant sell the book. I created a rubric for this as well. I am a big advocate of my students knowing what is expected of them. Anyways, today my students presented their commercials. I was a little disappointed with the commercials because some groups didn’t sell the book; they just sold the cereal. I am glad that I video taped the commercials because I could really focus on what I wanted to grade for. I could stop it or replay it if I didn’t catch something. Tomorrow I will show them to the students and have them grade themselves to see if they pick up the same things I did.

I am still glad that we went through with this book report. I will do them again, but I would make a few changes. Some of the changes that I would make include the following:

  • make sure students understand the concept of the commercial even after going over the rubric
  • have a test run before students present to make sure they are on target
  • have a set deadline and not change it – I kept pushing the time back because the students said they weren’t ready, but in reality I felt they were goofing off
  • have students work on the commercial and present at the end of the week not on a Monday
  • realize that this will be a loud process

3 Responses to “Cereal Box Book Reports”

  1. barbara Says:

    Very creative and nice. My daugther has a report due in this format. I appreciate your input and advice. I will pass this on to my friends.

  2. Tina Thrash Says:

    Would you share your list of expectations and the rubric you used. I’m interested in trying this with my lit circle groups. Thanks

  3. Melinda Says:

    I do this every year and I too have had to make some adjustments to the process. We cover our boxes in class. This takes two day ( 25 kids) with the color paper of their choice. I hot glue them together ( 1 day) and send them home. I go over everything that I expect and have also made a deadline I stick to. Overall, my students enjoy it and I have had some really wonderful report boxes over the years!

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