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How Often? September 17, 2008

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How often do you take up writer’s notebooks?

I am trying to decide this b/c I have 88 students. I want to figure out a system that I can use so that I am not bogged down. It would be simple if I didn’t take up 48 response logs every week with 6th grade. I have thought about the every other week taking up response logs and then writer’s notebooks, but just want to see if there is a better way.

Any thoughts???


4 Responses to “How Often?”

  1. thereadingzone Says:

    This year I am trying something new. I made postcards on Vistaprint with a rubric on them. Once a month I am going to have my kids grade themselves. The rubric includes things like how many entries they have, if they dated each entry, if each one is at least a page. I haven’t tried it yet, but will in the next few weeks. I am trying to delegate more of my “jobs” to the kids. Hopefully it works! And there will be a lot of threats that if they cheat there will be dire consequences. 😉

  2. Kelly N Says:

    I take up reading response longs once every two weeks with my 6th graders and writer’s notebooks twice a quarter. This had worked well for me the last 3 years. Hope this helps!

  3. Joe Zenir Says:

    I check my writers notebooks each week with my 8th graders , but we do it as a quick scan with a rubric we have developed. We then collect them at the end of the quarter for a more thorough grade.

    • Linda Says:

      I will have three sections of writing this year. I plan to have each section turn in writers notebooks on a set day giving me time to look through more thoroughly. I will have approximately 66 children

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