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Dog Days June 10, 2008

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Days of

My summer

Slowly evolve

With lazy escapes

Under the sunny skies

Sun-kissed skin glistening bright

Afternoons quickly rush evenings

Of buzzing, chirping, and nightly sounds

Bringing contentment close to you daily


I wrote this etheree today at our annual writing marathon for The West Tennessee Writing Project. It was fun getting into groups and writing. I got to meet new people and it was invigoratingto my writing needs. I just love writing etherees because they force you to use good, concise words. They also make you edit and revise. I think students writing etherees would be a good first step to editing and revising their work because they have to choose what works best for them. My first draft of this poem wasn’t perfect the first time writing it. If my scanner was working, I would show you my revisions. I plan on doing more modeling of revision and editing for my students.


2 Responses to “Dog Days”

  1. barclaygp Says:

    I like your poem, Andi. I like etherees too. They are great. I hate that I missed the writing marathon.

  2. bhasselle Says:

    I am so glad you made it to the writing marathon. It was great to see you as always. I am so impressed that you are involved with the advanced institute. I know you will do great with your inquiry question this year. I want to hear all about how it’s going!

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