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Wrapping Up 2007-2008 School Year May 29, 2008

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Today I wrapped up all of the loose ends. I ended the school year by locking my door at 3:00. I checked out. The process of checking out is tedious, but worth it in August. I have to take everything down from the walls, wash the book cases & dry erase boards, take down bulletin boards, roll up the rugs, label everything, unhook computers, and cover the book cases with paper. I organized my desk by going through papers and files that I haven’t used. It’s so neat and clean–organized! It’s wierd seeing your room bare when you’re used to it being bright and colorful.

Even though I don’t like this process, it does have its benefits. The pros are you get to start with a clean slate for the next school year, you get to have a nice oorganized desk, and you don’t have as much purging in August.

I am not wrapped up with my teaching though. I have been thinking over in my mind of how I want next year to go. The third week in June I will be participating in our first advanced institute with teacher inquiry. I am eager to learn new things about my teaching and I expect a great outcome for my teaching too. In the school year 2008-2009 I plan on implementing my writer’s notebooks, but I am planning on tweaking them a lot. I did get input from my students on writer’s notebooks and can’t wait to look at that data.


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