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Retiring Lily’s Crossing April 23, 2008

Filed under: reading — hey2blondie @ 8:19 pm

For the last 6 years I have been teaching the novel Lily’s Crossing by Patricia R. Giff as a whole class read. I decided that my paperbacks have had enough and that I would make the book a summer reading requirement. I feel it is time for a change. This doesn’t mean I won’t have my students read it again in years to come. I just want something fresh. I am going to switch to Walk Two Moonsby Sharon Creech for next year. I hate to let Lily go as a class read, but I am burnt out. When the teacher is burnt out, then you know it’s time for a change.


2 Responses to “Retiring Lily’s Crossing”

  1. Stacey Says:

    That happened to me and Maniac Magee.

  2. sara Says:

    You will absolutely love Walk Two Moons. Sometimes my students have a hard time keep up flash backs.

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