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Licking the Beaters April 8, 2008

Filed under: slice of life writing,wn entry — hey2blondie @ 7:46 pm

Tonight I followed the recipe for making cookie cake. I could anticipate the end result–the batter. I am still like a kid when it comes to baking. I like to lick the beaters just like when I was a kid. My mom would let my brother and I lick them when she was finished. Well, that’s what I did tonight and boy was it good! I just hope the cookie cake tastes as good as the batter. Tomorrow we’ll have cookie cake for dessert at our slice of life pizza party. I can’t wait!



One Response to “Licking the Beaters”

  1. jennybateacher Says:

    Happy anniversary!

    So, I gotta have the recipe for cookie cake! Never heard of it. Licking the beaters – 3 words that give instant comfort. Brownie batter’s best- next to oatmeal raisin cookie

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