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SOL Success! April 2, 2008

Filed under: slice of life writing,thoughts,wn entry,writers' notebook — hey2blondie @ 5:43 pm

Today I read and graded my students’ slices of life. In order to get a 100% they were to write at least 21 half page entries. To get extra credit they had to write 25 entries and to win the pizza party they had to write 31 entries. Out of 71 students 21 students had 31 entries! I was impressed. I have planned the pizza party next week. A lot of my students enjoyed writing the slices of life. Some want to continue. Tomorrow I am going to give them a reflection sheet on slices of life and their writers’ notebooks in general. I want to see what they like and don’t like so I can revamp for next year.


One Response to “SOL Success!”

  1. jennybateacher Says:

    Why oh why do you keep doing this to me? I enjoy teaching 2nd but you make middlers sound like FUN! WHAT is WRONG with you woman? If I ever make the switch, I’ll be giving you credit/blame, so watch out! I KNOW your students are glad to have you. You treat them as though they are people with viewpoints that might be interesting. 31 entries? Holy smoke!

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