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RENT March 30, 2008

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Last night I went to see the Broadway play RENT at TPAC (Tennessee Performing Arts Center). My friends and I were having a Broadway reunion since we didn’t get to see any Broadway plays while we were in New York due to the writer’s strike. So, I drove to my friend’s house in Lebanon, TN to meet the rest of the crew. Once we were together, we drove into Nashville, TN to eat dinner at Demo’s Steak and Spaghetti House. The wait was an hour which was well worth it. I had soup and salad with homemade Italian dressing. Yum! After dinner, we had to walk 5-6 blocks to TPAC. Ok, we mall walked almost sprinted to TPAC because we had 15 minutes to get to the show before it started. We arrived just in time. We crawled over the already seated people to our seats. They were pretty good seats except I had to sit behind a lady with a rather large build. So I leaned a lot in the performance to see.

The play it’s self was an eye opener. I went in blind not knowing what the show was about. The music was good (I only knew one song) as well as the acting. At the end of the show, we went to the stage door where the actors and actresses leave to get autographs and pictures. One of our friends is considered a RENT Head because she sees it when ever and where ever possible. I think she’s seen the play at least 5 times and will be going to New York to see it this summer.

I am glad that I went to see it. I really enjoyed spending time with my friends that I don’t get to see all of the time.


2 Responses to “RENT”

  1. sandi Says:

    YAY! I’m glad you liked it!

    I had so much fun.

  2. Kim Says:

    I can’t believe you were there! Jennifer and I went to see Rent that day. How funny…

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