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Slice of Life: Hemming March 6, 2008

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I had bought two pairs of pants before Christmas and had never hemmed them, so tonight I attempted the hemming task. The black pinstriped pants turned out great as I talked myself through the steps; however, the brown $9.00 pants that I got in NYC are a different story. I continued to talk to myself as I did the proper steps to hemming except this time instead of unrolling the pants and cutting them I cut them while they were still cuffed. Big boo boo! I immediately put them on to see if I royally messed up. I was amazed that the cut was actually the perfect length. I had overcompensated the original hem line. I am so glad that they turned out great. I didn’t want to have to throw a brand new pair of pants away or give them away!


2 Responses to “Slice of Life: Hemming”

  1. Nan Ides Says:

    Hello. I just read you blog for yesterday and thought maybe I could help out. I teach mending to community groups in the Philadelphia area and have recently (Feb 5) published a book, Hand Mending Made Easy: Save Time and Money Repairing Your Own Clothes. The book illustrates the hemming steps with fun in-color lessons, along with sewing on buttons, snaps, fixing zippers, ripped seams, ironing, pressing, and much more.

    Any questions, please feel free to contact me at the e-mail above.
    Nan Ides

  2. Nan Ides Says:

    Sorry, I misspelled my own e-mail address!.
    It is:

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