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Slice of Life: Boo March 4, 2008

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All was quiet when I got home from work. Tony’s car was parked in the carport, lights in the living room were off, and the girls were eager to see me. I glanced around looking for Tony.

“Tony, Tony, Tony!” I yell

He didn’t answer, so I thought to myself, “He must not be here. Maybe he’s at the flip house.” I continued to take my coat off and pet my girls. I went to the pantry to see if there was something easy and quick to fix for dinner since my meeting was less than 45 minutes. I found a can of chunky chicken noodle soup and pulled it off the shelf. Just as I turned around, Tony jumps out from the hallway and screams, “BOO!” I screamed and almost dropped the can of soup on the floor.

“Don’t you ever do that to me again!” I exclaimed.

“What? It was funny, ” he taunted.

“Yeah, very funny,” I said saracstically.


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