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Book Jacket Project February 11, 2008

At the end of literature circles my students created a book jacket for their book. Each group created one jacket. They had several days to create their jacket with the following guidelines:

  • must have a cover with picture, title, & author
  • summary of book
  • biography of author
  • and a book review from each group member

I then graded them on the following:

  • creativity
  • accurate detailsjacket 7jacket 7
  • organization
  • group participation (for this I had each member evaluate their group’s effort with an evaluation form & I also watched them as they worked)
  • CHIPS (capitalization, handwriting, indenting, punctuation, spelling)

I am impressed with the outcomes. Take a look at their final projects. Click on each for a bigger picture!

jacket 1jacket 2jacket 3jacket 4jacket 5jacket 6

jacket 7



jacket 8





4 Responses to “Book Jacket Project”

  1. aredden Says:

    Thanks for sharing these, Andi. The literacy team at the junior high I work with has been talking about doing book covers like this for some of the library books. I had no idea you did this project. I’ll share these pictures with them.


  2. Connie Perry Says:

    Looks like some great results.

  3. […] Book Jackets: Groups create book jackets for their books to share with the class, as one English teacher affiliated with the West Tennessee Writing Project does with her students. […]

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