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A Must Read January 25, 2008

 mouseAs you know, my classes are reading novels in literature circles. Last year through Scholastic I got the novels The Tale of Despereaux by Kate DiCamillo for my students to read. This book is a great read: fast, thought provoking, and great lessons to be learned. The story is broken into 4 parts which all tie together in the end. The story is about a mouse named Despereaux, which means despair, who was born into a family who didn’t like him much. He was not the average mouse–different because he was smaller than the average mouse and he loved to read, which mice don’t like to read they like to eat the pages. Anyways, Despereaux follows music one day because he love the sounds he heard. This brought him to meet Princess Pea. He falls in love with her and eventually talks to her. This leads him to the dungeon because he broke the rules. In the dungeon he meets a rat and this is where the story unfolds…Despereaux learns the values of faith, hope, love, perseverance, forgiveness, and determination, but you as a reader learn empathy along with what Despereaux learns.


4 Responses to “A Must Read”

  1. Jen Says:

    i am so glad you read this! my treasures LOOOOVED it!

  2. Kim Says:

    LOVE this book! It’s too much for my first graders, but I am definitely going to make Ali read it when she gets old enough.

  3. mollycoffman Says:

    What grade level is this book on? Would Natalie enjoy it? She’s in third grade, but loves to read!

  4. hey2blondie Says:

    My AR program says it’s a 4.7 book level. I would think she could read it.

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