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Pets Enjoy Christmas Too… December 22, 2007

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our stockingsBelle & her snowmanMimi devouring SantaMimi & BelleMimi & our Christmas trees 

Last night my husband and I celebrated our Christmas. He did well! I got a pink camera with case and a pink MP3 player. Enough about me; my dogs love Christmas too. We have a stocking for each of them and we give them a special Christmas dinner while we eat ours. This year my babies recieved new beds, which they love, bones, beggin strips, and a cool new toy. Mimi got a Santa and Belle got a snowman. Mimi seems to like hers a lot better.  They have plastic bottles in them instead of squeekers. Mimi has almost torn her Santa to shreds. She has even tried to get Belle’s snowman. Belle doesn’t care; she likes the bones the best. It’s fun to see their faces light up when they know they are getting something new.


One Response to “Pets Enjoy Christmas Too…”

  1. mollycoffman Says:

    We gave Maggy some little dog bones and a new toy for fetch for Christmas. I had one of those little red mitten that hold Starbucks gift cards, and Natalie hung it up by the fireplace as her stocking! She’s been loving our being home and getting to snooze in our laps.

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