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Organization Helps November 8, 2007

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I feel so disorganized when administration comes to me the day before a new student comes or that day. At the beginning of the year, I give out syllabuses, schedules, writer’s notebooks, reading response logs, writing notebooks, and the list goes on and on to give to students, but when a new student comes, I can’t remember where I placed them. It’s so hard to get that information together and give it to the student, so I came up with a great idea for our Middle School Team. At the beginning of the year, I had asked the middle school teachers to give me their syllabuses and any information they give out to students at the beginning of the year. Then I made folders containing all of our important information for each grade level with a welcoming letter. The folders are housed in the vice principals office so that she can give it to the parents of the new student.


3 Responses to “Organization Helps”

  1. jen Says:

    OHHH GREAT IDEA… I will pass this information along to our office!

  2. mollycoffman Says:

    Cool idea, Andi. Last year I started a system where I have hanging file folders in one of those plastic file box things–one for each day of the week and one for old stuff. When I’ve made my weekly syllabus, I gather all of the materials I need to copy for the upcoming week and make a trip to the copy room. Then I sort the sheets into the folder for the appropriate day. I also have a folder in the box called “Old Stuff.” At the end of the week I put “extra” handouts in this folder so that if I need an extra copy later for whatever reason (new student, someone lost his, etc.) it’s handy. I clean this folder out every few weeks, but I always leave that begining of the year stuff in there in case of a new student.
    This system has also helped me in other ways. When a student is going to be absent and they tell me in advance, I can give them the stuff that we will be working on. When a student returns from an unexpected absence, what he missed is handy. And, I only have to go to the copy room once a week, so I don’t waste so much time waiting my turn for the copier. I feel much more organized this way as well. I got this idea from my school’s speech teacher, and it’s really been a time-saver for me. (As you know, I’m not naturally organized.)

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