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Writer’s Notebook Wednesday October 17, 2007

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Writing on Water

By Andi Neihoff

“Wow!” I gasped

As the curtain slid across the track

Opening my eye’s to God’s beautiful painting of today


Soft, warm hues of pink, orange, and yellow

 Brushed across his palette, the sky

Puffy, white clouds

Blotted the rays of color

Into the distance


My eyes seep in the view

Noticing the crystal blue water

Rippling toward the shore


As I step onto the balcony

A gentle breeze sweeps my hair against my cheek

Awakening my senses


Geese honk, “Good morning”

To all of God’s creatures

While they swoop down to gather their morning meal


Pontoon boat motor’s muffled roar

Ceases into the horizon


The lake water tickles my nose

Reminding me of my mission

Here at Paris Landing-the Writing on Water Retreat

My mouth waters in anticipation


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